Your pool or spa here in Tarzana is the most important body of water in Southern California. We know that you feel that way so we are going to treat your pool or spa like it contains the last precious drops of water clean and pure enough to allow our children to swim in. If more local residents felt like that, more people would enjoy their pool experiences and there would be less worry about bacteria. Proper water chemistry/sanitizer levels can eliminate that worry and My Pool Pro can make sure your pool always looks and smells pleasant when company shows up.

Here in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, we take our pool and spa time seriously. More time is spent in those areas than perhaps any other room in the house. Isn’t that what living in California is all about? Our pool maintenance and repair techs service both residential and commercial locations in Tarzana, including any needs at Braemar or El Caballero, and select clients in Mulholland Park, Silverhawk Ridge, Monte Verde, and Braemar Estates. Our experience and discretion has made us the pool company of choice for those who can afford anyone they want. That should tell you something about who we are and what we’re all about.

For residential pools and spas, we offer cleaning, regular maintenance, and repairs. The size and shape of the pool are okay with us, as are any special requirements you might have as far as temperature or times when we can come in and provide the service you need. My Pool Pro specialists are available to schedule or can be called in on short notice to handle emergency situations. Our goal, once you hire us to be your pool pro, is to make sure your pool is always functioning properly with clean and safe water you’re comfortable allowing even the smallest children to play in.

My Pool Pro also provides commercial service for pools and spas that see a lot of traffic on a daily basis. These bodies of water need more care and maintenance than private pools do because there is always a risk of dangerous bacteria getting people sick if the water is not properly maintained. Our pool experts make sure that never happens. We’ll consistently check the water chemistry, clean the pool walls and floors, and keep your filtration systems running the way they should. If you own a business in Tarzana and you have a pool, spa, or even a decorative water garden, allow us to handle the upkeep of it for you. Call us any time for pricing information and references from your neighbors.
My Pool Pro is licensed, bonded, insured, and holds the following seals of approval. Check the local franchisee pages for additional local certifications.



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