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Residential Care

Your pool or spa is a high-level investment - one you've earned. And like all assets, you must maintain and protect them. But you didn't purchase your pool or spa to create more work for yourself. You want to enjoy it, relax in it, and have fun!

Like a car, it's important that your pool or spa have regular maintenance checks, tune-ups, and sometimes mechanical repairs. It's a hassle, but needed to maintain the life of that car. When these check-ups are needed, we're guessing you take your car to the dealer or a reputable mechanic you trust, because for the most part, these are things you don't care to do, or just can't.

In the same way, the water in your pool or spa and the associated equipment require the skill of a professional for clean and proper water chemistry, mechanical operation, and surface integrity. My Pool Pro provides dealer-level service - but not with the associated high prices most dealers charge. Our passion is water enjoyment, and we train and re-train on the most current industry service techniques, updates on equipment, maintenance issues, and most importantly, how to provide good old-fashioned quality service.

Residential Services

  • New pool owner orientation
  • Pool water chemistry service
  • Green pool rescue - 911
  • Portable and in-ground spa specialist
  • Water feature (ponds/fountains - for existing pool and spa clients)

On Each Visit

  • We show up on time
  • We test all equipment
  • We notify you of any small issues that could turn into big problems
  • We move quickly on providing the service you requested
  • We focus on providing the best service in the industry
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