My Pool Pro To The Rescue

We're excited and passionate about pleasing our customers. Below are just a few examples of some of those glad they made the My Pool Pro choice. Contact us today if your pool or spa needs rescued!

Residential Clients


"My Pool Pro not only does a great job maintaining my pool, but [also] keeps any eye on my rental property."

-Richard Henn of Malibu, CA (Valued Residential Service & Repair Client Since 1992)


"My Pool Pro has proven to me that they are entirely honest, reliable, conscientious, and thorough in the maintenance of my pool. Additionally, they have the knowledge and skills to provide fairly priced repairs without the need to seek other technicians to fully maintain my pool equipment."

-Marguerite of Northridge, CA (Valued Residential Service & Repair Client Since 2002)


"Our Pool looks great!! The water is always clean and bright. My Pool Pro does a great job keeping our pool Swim-Ready"

-Sara Jane DiGiovanni, Encino, CA (Valued Client Since 2004)

Commercial Clients

woodleyhoa-com-1.jpg "My Pool Pro is always reliable and thorough in all aspects of pool and spa repair and maintenance."

-John from Granada Hills, CA (Valued Commercial Client Since 1992)

chats-com-svc-rep2.jpg Valued Commercial Client Since 2002

Equipment Installation and Repair Clients

zucca-equipservice-3.jpg "My Pool Pro is always easy to talk with, dependable, trustworthy, and considerate to our animals who are in the backyard when he works."

-Don Zucca, Winnetka, CA (Valued Client Since 2005)

My Pool Pro is licensed, bonded, insured, and holds the following seals of approval. Check the local franchisee pages for additional local certifications.



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