Having proper water chemistry and chlorine residual in your pool means that it’s safe to swim or lounge in, that you and your family aren’t being exposed to harmful bacteria or excessive eye and skin irritation. To make sure you have the ultimate swimming experience at all the times and live a care-free life by the pool, the best thing you can possibly do is call My Pool Pro. Our teams of experienced professionals have been servicing pools in Northridge for many years. If you haven’t used us yet, just ask any of your friends and neighbors who have. They’ll tell you that we’re reliable, trustworthy, and always keep their pools sparkling clean.

Northridge has experienced a lot in the time that we’ve been in business, an earthquake or two, a Little League championship or two, and a water ban or two. That last makes it even more important for you to keep your pool clean and chemically correct. Changing the water if it gets too neglected may not be an option. We make sure you’ll never have to face that choice, simply by doing regular water chemistry testing and preventative maintenance. This does not imply that a pool will not require draining at certain intervals. Our pool cleaning professionals will keep that area of your home in pristine order so that you can enjoy your pool day in and day out, one of the main reasons you live in California.

If you’re concerned about reliability, you’re welcome to speak to any of our current customers in your community. We have quite a few of them, having built up our clientele over the past twenty years. Take your time once you get it, compare us to others in our industry, and then call us when you’re ready for us. You won’t be subjected to numerous “follow-up” phone calls like you may have experienced when dealing with other service providers. My Pool Pro doesn’t have to pressure sell to anyone; our service and reputation sells itself.

For commercial customers, please give us a call and we’ll schedule a time to stop by and explain our service plans, fee structure, and discuss your expectations for a pool cleaner. Many of our residential customers here in Northridge choose to use us for their business pool, spa, or hot tub needs in other communities. Our service area includes most of Los Angeles County and San Fernando Valley. If your home or business is located here and you have a pool, you should bookmark this page and save our phone number in your cell. There’s a good chance you’ll need us at some point.
My Pool Pro is licensed, bonded, insured, and holds the following seals of approval. Check the local franchisee pages for additional local certifications.



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