When it comes to pool and spa service in Calabasas, there is no other company that can provide the level of service and quality that My Pool Pro can. We say that because we believe that there is no one else quite as dedicated to this community as we are. Our company has been operating here in the Santa Monica Mountains for many years now and we would be happy to provide you with references from those who live near you. Our client list is confidential of course but there are those who have agreed to furnish us testimonials about our pool and spa service, something that they rely upon to help keep their recreational pool activities going year round.

My Pool Pro, a Green Company, wholeheartedly supports Calabasas Environmental Ordinance 2007-233. Our technicains and management staff utilize conservation and recycling programs to ensure that we have as little impact on the environment as possible. Those who do business with us know that as a service provider and employer in Southern California we do more than our share of work to guarantee we leave our children a safer and cleaner world than our predecessors left us. Though Ordinance 2007-233 focuses mainly on food packaging, we feel that it is every company’s responsibility to use packaging and materials than are biodegradable or recyclable.

If you are looking for residential pool and spa service, My Pool Pro is a company that can provide you high quality, professional cleaning, maintenance and repair. Our selection of service plans includes regular scheduling and emergency assistance. You can call us anytime there is an immediate problem or just set up a regular day and time for us to come by. We pride ourselves on being discreet and quiet when we arrive, efficient when we are working on your pool or spa, and available any time to come back if you need us right away. We’re happy to provide references if you need them.

For commercial accounts, we offer all of the same services we do for our residential clients plus regular troubleshooting and water testing. If you have a public pool or spa of any kind we’ll make sure the chemistry of the water is always correct and the walls and floor of the structure are always clean. Our maintenance and repair packages can save you the cost of adding additional employee salaries and benefits to your overhead. We can take care of all that needs to be done as part of your service plan.
My Pool Pro is licensed, bonded, insured, and holds the following seals of approval. Check the local franchisee pages for additional local certifications.



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